Welcome to my….not so my….new home!

What a weird title to have on your first post on your brand new blog! Well, if you know me at all, it is not so weird I promise! I am almost for certain you are wondering why I would have such a title for a post like this. Well, if you can take your cup of coffee (well, coffee for me at least), tea, or whatever beverage you crave you will find out.

cupofjo (Look at this thing of beauty! Who can resist this? Oh, wait I’m getting off topic!)

Have you ever been scared? I know I have! Just a couple of days ago, I think I felt God tell me I need for you to start a blog. I said “not me, you know me, I start things and I don’t keep up and I don’t finish and I get bored, etc.” I listed like a mile long list of why I shouldn’t start a blog. (Sound like a certain Old Testament Bible Char anyone?) Then God kept talking to me, and then I did the unthinkable! I wrote that long post on Facebook! God really used that post to say that I need to start a blog. So, the past few days I have been working on this blog.

This blog is not mine, this blog is God’s. I want this blog to reflect what God wants me to share. What God wants me to talk about, no matter how hard it might be. I have been trying to do some stuff on my own for a while now. Now God has sat me down and told me it’s time I do things his way not mine. I pray that this blog helps those that need the help. That it reaches the people it needs to reach.

I am ready to do what God wants me to do, not what Tammy wants to do. This blog is going to be real. Hence the name “Just Being Myself”. Is it going to ruffle a few feathers? Heck ya! Our walk with God is not always going to be easy. It’s not always going to be roses, we are going to have hard days, we are going to have our valleys. There are days we are going to want to shake our fists at God, swear at God, tell God we are angry at him. Is that ok? Of course it is! He already knows! We are human after all! I know there are people out there that tell you it’s not ok. PFFT! Whatever!

I hope that you will join me on this journey to find out what God has for this blog, and the journey that God has for you through this blog. So, please pick up your favorite drink, get a blanket (if it is winter!) snuggle in, and let’s go on this amazing adventure together!


Dear Heavenly Father:

Please help me to bring this blog the way you want it to go. Please guide my thoughts, my fingers, my actions the way you want them. Please bring the people who you want here to this blog and help them on their own journey as you help me on my own journey through this blog.



PS Please excuse the lack of anything other than posts on all my social media and here. I am in the process of making everything look “pretty”.

One thought on “Welcome to my….not so my….new home!

  1. My dearest Tammy, How mighty God works! I have been praying for something just like this!! Yesterday, I was afraid because I was mad at God. It seemed he had deserted me in my time of need. God has blessed me so much this last year and I am the one that has not reached out to Him when things get tough. He is faithful and just waiting for us.
    I read yesterday. Our relation to God is one of humble dependence. Dependence is acknowledged by bringing needs to the Father in the attitude of prayer. Prayer is opening yourself to God and acknowledge that you need him. From the booklet “Exploring the Parables” by Eugene S. Wehrli.
    Thank you Tammy for this blog. I pray that you get blessed by if.


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