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Being Scared Part 1

Good morning!

I am so excited this morning! My second day of posting on the new blog, and the support that I am getting is awesome! I want to thank all my friends that are supporting me you just don’t know how much that means to me.

I hope everyone in Up-State New York is tucked into their warm homes like I am! I’m all tucked in under a couple of blankets, with some hot coffee and ready to talk about being scared. This is what it looks like out the backdoor of my house:

17522660_1500727039961655_3138485805210342146_n (It is snowing just can’t see it)

Who has not been scared? I know I have been scared so many times I have lost count! I want to talk about my newest fear right now. That would be this one! Starting this blog. Yesterday I hinted towards an Old Testament Bible character that made excuses for not doing something God wanted him to do. So, let’s have a little chat about him.

For those that might not know who I was talking about I was talking about Moses. Looking into the Bible for Moses and his story we must start in Exodus 2 and it goes on through the book of Exodus and into Leviticus. The part that I want to focus on is Exodus 3-4:17 this is where God comes to Moses tells him that he has heard the cry of his people and wants Moses to go and deliver his people from Egypt and this is also where Moses makes his excuses because of fear!

Let’s start with the basics with Moses. He sees a burning bush while he was out tending to his flock and the bush itself is NOT burning. I don’t know about anyone else but I know that would scare me! Then out of nowhere he hears the Lord’s voice. I’ve never heard the Lord’s voice before but if a voice came out of nowhere and started talking to me that would be check 2 in the block. I would be asking someone to put me in a loony bin somewhere.

Come on, let’s all be honest here. You see a bush in the middle of no where burning but the bush really isn’t burning, then out of no where you also hear a voice. If stuff like that happened now a days people would lock you away and throw away the key for good just saying you saw that. I know if I was Moses out there I would be scared as rain! So, God has already put him in a defensive position. At least that is how I see it.

Then God starts talking to him about how his people are being persecuted and he hears them and wants Moses to deliver them out of the hands of Pharaoh. I think by then Moses was thinking God, did you forget that I have a death sentence awaiting me if I go back? I killed someone the last time I was there. Now you want me to go back, want me to deliver your people, who are my people, who really don’t like me and I’m not suppose to die while doing this?

Do you ever wonder what God is thinking? I know I do! I will not only raise one hand, I will raise both hands, feet, legs, arms, anything I can raise. When looking back on things that have happened in my life I can now see why he has done the things he has. But, during that moment don’t you ever just wonder what in the world!? Why have you brought me to a place that I could get harmed in some way? How is that going to help me? How is that going to help anything?

Care to share? Care to share a time in your life where you were wondering why God was bringing you back to a place where you know that was going to bring  pain?



Please help with our being scared! I know I am scared, I am scared about this blog. I know you show us things and we get scared. I know you want us to revisit old pasts that open up old wounds we wonder why, we get scared about the pain that we will endure. Lord, remind us that you do have a plan for it. That you will be right there with us each step of the way.

Also Lord, please help me while I look over Moses and continue talking about being scared. I’m scared talking about being scared. Please put the words into my fingers that you want me to type. Please help me to reach, teach, say, and anything else. Please let this blog be yours not mine.



PS. Come back tomorrow for more on Moses


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