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Being Scared Part 2


I must apologize for not having this up yesterday. I realized after I posted the first part that the very next day was Sunday. I usually am not on the computer on Sundays, or at least I try not to be. I usual am on for Skyping with my brother. I hope that you had a wonderful Sunday. Mine was ok, I slept most of it away! Came home from church then took a nap and the next thing I knew it was 5:30 at night. Having these migraines really make me tired and I really sleep when I do decide to give in.


So, I would like to recap about what I was talking about on Saturday about being scared. The reason I was talking about being scared is because I am scared. Scared about this blog. I’m afraid it will not go anywhere, I won’t reach the people I am supposed to reach. That I will not have the words I need to have. That I won’t be witty enough, clever enough, that I will be boring. The list goes on and on! The reason I brought in Moses is because just like Moses I too was making excuses on why I should not make this blog. I still am making excuses.

I am not Bible savvy Lord! Why would they want to come here and learn about you? There are many more people out in the world that know the Bible a 100 times better than me. Lord, I am a screwed up person. I have doubts about you at times, I get angry with you. I have a ton of emotions about you. How or why would you want me to talk about you? What type of person am I when at times I question you about you being you!? Moses had the same questions but in his terms. Just read them. I don’t have an Aaron to help back me up, I don’t have a staff, none of that. But..God did give me something! He gave me a Bible verse and it is my tag line at the very top! That I can do anything through Christ!

It is really scary for me to do this blog. I am putting myself out there for the world to see. I know one thing, God is here with me. He is my rock, he will be the one to put what is needed on these pages.

I hope that you all will enjoy what does get written here. I hope that you will join me in this journey. In the good, bad, and the ugly. I hope that we can all grow here together as one in Christ.

Please know that this is always a judgement free zone! There will be no judgement here. We are all here to learn and grow! So, please feel safe here.



Please help this blog show you and your work. Please use me as the instrument and bring those to this blog that you want here. Please let this be a safe haven for those that do come and help us to form a community that will be a place to grow and love you  more.



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