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Good Morning!

Looking outside my window it’s nice and sunny out! I feel spring in the air (I hope!) I must apologize for my not posting yesterday. Tuesday’s are rather busy for me. I do 2 Bible studies and I don’t get home till late. So, there are 2 days that I will not be posting anything on Sunday and Tuesday.

How has everyone been? I’m here! I didn’t wake up with a  migraine today, which is a plus but by 8:30 this morning I had a full-blown one. For any that do not know, I have had a migraine now for 5 weeks. This is the longest I have ever had a migraine! Trying to figure out why I am having a migraine is a migraine in itself.

I have a question for you. Who here does gardening? Be it in the ground, in a greenhouse, or even container gardening? I am going to do gardening this year! I am excited, I tried 2 years ago. It didn’t go over too well. But, I have gardening experts in my church so I think this year is going to go better. Plus, they told me when to start the seeding process for my garden. Which is very soon. I must go to Wal-Mart and get the stuff I need on payday. If you are starting a garden or thinking of let me know! I will post all of my stuff and we can all learn together, how does that sound?


So, today you see that I am broaching on a topic that might be a tad bit….on the the controversy side. That is ok, we all have our own thoughts on things. There is a reason why I wanted to speak on this.

On Sunday at church (Black River United Methodist Church) my preacher talking about doubt and he used the following passage to speak about it: Mark 9: 14-27. Yesterday at PWOC (Protestant Woman of the Chapel) spoke on the Armor of God and she used the following passage for us: Ephesians 6:10-18.

Yesterday I felt like I needed to speak up about a comment I heard about these two subjects. But, once again my own fear of speaking up in a large forum of people stopped me from speaking what I needed to say. I am not blaming anyone else for this. This was totally my own fault. I have been kicking myself since yesterday for not speaking up. The comment that was made that doubt can stop you from standing up for God. That made me question what my pastor had said on Sunday that doubt can actually help you stand for God. Ok, he might not of said it in those words but something like that. Let me explain!

If you read the passage in Mark it is about a father and his son is sick. He has exhausted all possible avenues for making his son well, except for bringing him to Jesus. When the man brings him to Jesus he tells him what ails him and Jesus asks him how long and he said since childhood and further tells him that he has been in fire and water. But, you will see soon after that he doubts that Jesus can heal his son. Jesus asks him to believe on him that he can fix his son. The man cries out in verse 24: “Immediately the father of the child cried out and said with tears, “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!” As you can see the father tells Jesus right there that he has doubts. I believe that it’s ok to have doubts. Doubts are good, they make us go after what Jesus says and does. I think that when we allow those doubts to take over that is when doubt is not good for us.

God knows we doubt. We are going to doubt, like I said doubt makes us turn towards Christ more. Makes us want to dig deeper into the Bible, makes us want him more. To understand him more. I feel a healthy dose of doubt is good. But, if we allow it to over take us that is when we are in trouble. So, don’t allow doubt over take your life. If you have doubt please look to Christ for the answers. Look into your Bible for answers. Take those steps that need to be taken to erase the doubt. Pray to God about, talk to other Christians about it.

When have you had doubt? What did you do about that doubt? Do you think doubt is good?



I know that we all get doubt. Help us with our doubt, help us with our unbelief. When come to that time show us the way. Bring the people into our lives that can help us with this doubt, that can show us how to crawl out of it and show us you. That you are still with us during this time. That there is no judgement there because we doubted you.

Just help us with our unbelief when it is there Lord.



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