Being Bratty


Once I get my about me page set up you’ll know a bit more about what this blog is all about. Till then I am going to give you a bit of insight. I am making this blog as real as real can get. If I am in a good mood on the day that I type you’ll see it. If I am struggling with God, I will let you know. If I am angry at God, at myself, etc. you’ll see it also. I hope you are getting the picture. I’m going to be real here!


So, I was supposed to post a topic yesterday that God gave me. It was one that I just did not want to post about. I decided to take the day off from it. I decided that I was going to do my own thing. It was going to go hand in hand with the day prior’s posting about Last Words. I was like I’ll do it later, I really don’t feel like doing the research for the topic, it’s a lot of research for the topic to get the right Bible verses. Can’t I just do what I want to do?

Well, something happened last night before I went to a wake for a church member. I was hurt a lot. I was angry. I was pissed off. I was feeling rejected! (That rejected is for another post!) So, we got into the truck to head to the wake and I’m so angry I’m trying not to cry, and I’m telling myself that right now it is not the time to focus on me but on the person who just lost their loved one. As we are getting close to a town that we live near K-Love tells us the theme of the day. Do you what it was? It was on the subject that I was to write about! It was the subject I know I was supposed to do at that point right then and there! Then I start laughing, which my family was like what is so funny? They all knew I was pissed off. I was like don’t worry about it.

Isn’t it funny that even if we try to run away from God, and turn around and go a different direction from what he wants us to do that he is going to show us no matter what? I mean really!?! I get it God! I was supposed to listen to you, I was supposed to type on a subject matter you really wanted me to post on and I didn’t. Did you have to keep throwing it in my face? Did you have to keep telling me it was something I need to work on? Whew! I got it!

So now you’re wondering what it is aren’t ya?! Well….tune in. I will post about it after I do the research God wanted me to do yesterday. I find the Bible verses God wanted me to use yesterday. If I would have just done it when I was told. I learned a valuable lesson yesterday..no matter what God is going to have me do what I need to do one way or another. It is just a matter of will I do it kicking and screaming or obediently?

Has there been a time in your life where you decided to your own thing but then God used outside influences to bring you back to where he wanted and have you do the things he wanted you to do? Care to share?



I am so sorry for not obeying you yesterday! Please forgive me! I should have listened to you, maybe the news I got last night wouldn’t have been as harsh, maybe I wouldn’t of gotten so mad, maybe I wouldn’t of felt so rejected. Please help me the next time I decide not to listen to you, give me that tugging to listen to you.

Please help us all to listen to you even if we just want to turn around and do our own thing. Please remember in our humanness that we will fight against you and want to do our own thing. Please give us a gentle nudging and if that does not work give us the type of nudging we need.



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