Trials! Don’t we all face them? Don’t we all hate them? They also happen when we don’t want them to don’t they?


I am facing a trial or a couple of trials right now and of course I have to have it all at once! We were doing so well too. Everything was smooth, maybe that is why we have trials. It reminds me of a sermon my pastor told us about. We go through this cycle where we go through a trial, we call out to God, he deliverers us from the trials, then we go into a peace time, then we get complacent then we start the whole circle again.

I was in the complacent part. I had gotten some good things going on in my life. I felt like the world could be conquered. I have been reading the Bible more, I have been praying more, I decided to give me whole life over to God. I was like this is the gonna be gravy.


Migraines from hell. Going on 2 months now of not knowing why this migraine does not want to go away no matter what the doctor wants to do. But, still I stay strong with God. I pray. I’m not reading my Bible as much or not reading my Bible studies it hurts to read. I try to explain this to people but I’m told it makes no sense because I can still use the computer or watch tv. But, when I try and read a book I cannot read it because my head explodes, so I guess I’m lying in these peoples eyes. My head hurts after awhile when I use the computer I have to put it down and take a break. It is just nothing like a book.

Then the truck. It was working well, the kids and husband all the way up till they came home on Wed. as my daughter and I were about to leave for choir practice the truck decided to not start. We have no clue why or what. But, I am not going to give up.

The one thing I have to say is normally I would just enclose myself and not ask for help. I  would not even pray to God. I would listen to 5 Finger Death Punch who I still like! But, instead I have listened to Christian music and stayed in with God!

Seeing my growth from last years trials to this years trials I have grown. I have seen that I can turn to God, that God can still be there during times of good and bad. I will be ok if I trust in God. I have been able to do that because of PWOC, Bible study in church, my churches pastor, the ladies that I have met through PWOC. God has shown me so much in a year.

I can see that even though we are going through a trial right now that God will see us through. That I can cry to him, plead to him, yell at him. He will not get angry with me.

I now know that God can get us through this and anything!


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