Well, when I was getting ready to write this post it was going to be just about how I neglected this blog! I promise! But, as I was looking for some pictures to put on this blog I found a couple that really hit home for me. I just would like to write a bit about those pictures and the reason’s why they hit home. Then I promise I will write about the reason I wrote and why I decided to use the word neglected.

Neglected is such a strong word don’t you think? I mean just hearing the word makes you shudder. When you hear the word the thoughts that come to your head are the worse things that come to mind. You see a child so thin, so dirty, that you wonder where a parent was. You see an animal with their bones through the skin and can count the ribs, or their hair so matted that they can’t do anything that it must hurt just to breathe!

But, when we think of neglect we don’t think about the emotional toll it takes on a human or an animal. If we think of just the physical aspect of how such a word feels on a person or animal how much must it hurt emotionally?

Well, I looked up the definition of neglected:



     Suffering a lack of proper care. Not receiving proper attention, disregard.

That definition does not need to go for just physical care but also emotional care. The difference between physical neglect and emotional neglect is you can see the physical and you cannot see the emotional. Here is an image that I found while I was looking for the one at the top of the page:


I chose this picture because this is how I feel all the time! I’m sure there are others out there that feel the same exact way. I know a lot of people will not admit to that fact. I am here on this blog to take voice to this! We can no longer keep quiet about how we feel. I feel that is the reason why we all feel so lonely and depressed and have walls.

I also found this one. I know it is a bit much and not at all Christian but it made me stop and think. The very first one listed is me!


One thing about being a Christian is that we have Christ to help us out on feeling neglected. He can heal us from these scars. From the ones we can see and not see. Even though we are Christians and we do have Christ we can still feel this way. When we do feel this way we must stop and pray right away and ask him to help us not to feel that way anymore. Is it going to be easy? Heck no!

I am hoping with this blog that I can help myself and others to walk this life with our heads lifted up. To glorify God, to live a life where we can be proud of. That we can heal through Christ, we can become stronger Christians. I will write tomorrow what my plans are starting Monday morning. I will give a bit of it away…I plan on starting a Bible Study just for this blog and I hope all will join if they can. I will give more information tomorrow on it.

Please pray that God will give me the knowledge on what he would like for me study on. That I teach only what he wants me to teach on. That he reaches those that need to be reached.

Till tomorrow!


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