Excited, nervous….


Hello everyone!

I truly apologize for this getting out so late in the day. I have had a busy day today, but I wanted to touch base with everyone and especially on your comments last night on my recent post.

I have no clue how the post I was originally going to post yesterday went to so dark so quickly! I was going to post about how I had neglected this blog! Instead I posted about how people feel neglected all the time and how that leaves physical and emotional scars. Also, how we need to find Jesus and ask him to heal us. I didn’t even know I had that post inside of me!

Then I find myself writing about how I was thinking about starting a Bible study on Monday!! Of all the things! I have never ran a Bible study before, I am so new to the Bible I don’t know if I could help anyone learn much from a Bible study!! But, as I have sat today in my truck while doing errands there must be a reason I wrote it and that was because God wanted me to. Plain and simple to me, now I just need you all to know I don’t know to much about the Bible, it won’t be anything to big and drastic something like you would get in church! But, I am willing to do this with you if your willing to learn right along with me!

I was thinking about it the other day. I know God wanted me to do something with this blog. I know he had me start it for a reason. The reason why I wasn’t writing was because I thought no one was reading it. I never saw a comment, I never saw much of anything so I got really discouraged over it. I started another blog doing something totally different (you will see that blog in my side bar soon). I was messing with that blog and I noticed that there was a bell and it was flashing yellow and I clicked on it. Lo and behold what did I find? Comments for that blog and this one! So, there were people commenting on this blog. So, I got all wacky for no reason!


So, that is how I am feeling about this Bible Study adventure we are going on starting on Monday. What I figured out is that there will be 24 days left in May when we start on Monday. So, I figured for the rest of May we could do a book of the Bible. So, there are 3 books in the Bible that have 24 chapters in them. That would be a chapter a day and we would end on the 31 of May. The books are Joshua, 2 Samuel, and Luke. I don’t know much about Joshua, I feel that to do 2 Samuel you really need to read 1 Samuel and Luke I feel is a good place to start. So, I was figuring that we will start out with Luke.

So, on Monday we will start with Luke 1. What I am thinking for the format so far is that we read the chapter, I will ask for a verse that spoke to you, what you felt God might of been saying to you, and what I felt that God was saying to me, and what God would like me to say to you. I would also like to include any praises and prayer requests that are needed.

Tomorrow I will post a few things about the book of Luke so please make sure to come back to learn a bit about Luke himself, the book, and the major theme about the book. If you have any questions before we start, any suggestions, anything you would like to learn specifically please post and let me know. I might be writing things around here but God is in control and you have a say also! We are in this together!

I would also like to get memory verses eventually. I don’t think we should do that right away. I am still in PWOC, the Bible Study at my church, and a couple of other things. So, I think we should just go ahead and start off slow. We should see how things go at the end of the month. Maybe next month we can do 1 memory verse? We will see. Chime in let me know what you think.

Now that I know how to make sure your comments come through on the blog, I check the Facebook page, and I also have Twitter please share this blog around and the page around. The more the merrier!

I can’t wait to talk with you all tomorrow!


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