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Luke who is he?


Once again I am posting late and I apologize for that. Sunday’s are my lazy days and I like to keep it that way but I know I promised something and I also like to keep my promises!

So, tomorrow we start reading Luke. I’m excited about reading Luke with you all and I am nervous too. I took today to find out about Luke and I would like to share somethings that I learned about Luke. I found them to be rather interesting and I hope that you yourself will find them interesting. So, let’s just jump right into it shall we!!?


The first thing I found out about Luke that I did not know was that he was not Jewish. According to Paul he was a gentile just like the rest of us. He was Syrian from Antioch, he was also a physician. He died at the age of 84.

He wrote the book Luke even though it doesn’t say exactly that he is the author it is just said that he is. Also, he wrote the book of Acts. Since he was a physician he had a quality of being extremely objective and and a careful observer which made he perfect for writing the book of Luke.

The time period of when the book was written is all dependent on the book of Acts. Which I find really strange. Who knew that you needed another book to see what time period another was? Or am I being dumb? So, the book was completed before the book of Acts. Which we know because of Paul’s imprisonment in the temple in Jerusalem.

What is Luke about? That is what we need to know? Right? We are studying Luke, we need to know the big idea of what the book is about! So, here it is:

Luke out of all the Gospels focuses on Jesus as the “Son of Man”. Matthew focuses on Jesus as the King, Mark focuses on Jesus as the Servant.

Do you know the favorite way that Jesus liked to call himself? Well, here is the answer: “Son of Man”

Here is the verse of Luke that sums up Luke the most and I would like for us to ponder it, let it really sink in, let it get into your blood. Pray over it, mediate on it. Let me know what it means to you.

“For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost” Luke 19:10

So, did you find this stuff interesting? Do you have some fun facts about Luke? Are you ready to start reading Luke tomorrow?

Here is your assignment for tomorrow: Read Luke 1, then come back to the blog and look for tomorrows post and I will give further instruction on how we will do the study!


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