Bible Study · Luke

Luke Chapter 1


So, today is our first day looking at Luke! Well, we did take a quick look at Luke last night briefly. As we go along in Luke I hope we find more about him and his background. I hope we can dig deeper into the chapters and verses. I’m excited about this adventure we are going on together. I know God has some special plans for all of us!

So, you will see that I have put up Luke 1:68 I feel that this verse really sums up the first chapter of Luke. We see in the first chapter we are introduced to Zacharias, Elizabeth, and Mary. We find out the major players that will be coming into the world through these 3 people. John the Baptist with Zacharias and Elizabeth and Jesus with Mary.

We are also finding out in the first few verses in Luke that he will be giving us an orderly account of what happened and that he truly understood from the start of what was going on. I feel that he wanted people to know in Theoplis that what they were hearing was true and he knew what was going on. Remember Luke was a physician and he was a great observer. He would have wanted to make sure everyone got the right information especially since it was part of their everyday teaching.

As we go on through the chapter we meet Zacharias and Elizabeth. I feel a bit better knowing that I am not the only one that doubts what is being told to them. Zacharias has the angel Gabriel come down to him in the temple and told that Elizabeth was going to have a child and he still doubts! I understand that she was older and barren but an angel is in front of you, and he tells you who he is and you still doubt? Do you ever feel like that? You have the truth in front of you, but still doubt? I know I do! I am so glad that God didn’t make me mute because of my doubt! I mean it would be much more quiet around the house if he does!

We also see the brief story of Jesus and his conception. We get to see the beginning of his life.  We see how John not yet born leaps in Elizabeth’s womb when Mary comes to her home because he knows that Jesus is there. How amazing is that? Just the miracle in that, I have never just sat and thought about it before. Have you?

We then have John being born and Zacharias make the proclamation!

I feel because of all these introductions the verse I chose envelopes the chapter the most. God is setting in place in this chapter the people who will help and will change the world! John the Baptist he starts the path for Jesus then Jesus himself will be crucified and will raise from the dead 3 days later! He will make the ultimate sacrifice for us.

So, what do you think of this chapter? What was the verse of the day for you in this chapter? What did the chapter mean for you? Do you have any prayer requests? Praises? Please share them in the comment section!!


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