Really No Excuses



I need to apologize! I was going to come up with some stupid sorry ass excuse on why I have not posted the last few days. But, what would that do? Nothing, so I decided I will tell the truth on this. I was getting discouraged. I hate just talking and feeling there is no one else out there listening. So, I think that before I continue on with the Bible study that I should really get this blog out there.

I have been working hard on my other blog that I need to do the same on this one and I know that I have been neglecting this one. That is totally my fault! I need to give this one the same attention as my other one. So, I need to split the time between the two. I need to get on here and post everyday, troll Twitter, get all my social media up and running. Find other Christian blogs.

If you all still want to do Luke please let me know. I know there are a couple of you reading the blog. I guess seeing no comments on the blog kinda makes me feel pretty low. I know that it will take awhile for people to find this blog, even if they want to find it. I sometimes wonder why would they want to? What do I have to bring to the table that thousands of other Christian woman bloggers don’t already bring to the table? I know that God called me to do this. I just doubt. I know that I shouldn’t.

So, if I do Luke we will start of Chapter 3 Monday and on Saturday of next week I am going to try my hand at recording myself with a weekly wrap up of what we learned! It will be the first time and I’m kind of excited about it. Which I think it means I need to make a YouTube channel? I’m not sure yet. I’ll let you all know during the week or on Saturday next week!

So, please let me know what you all think please. Want to continue with Luke? I don’t mind continuing with Luke. Want to start another in June? If so, do you have something special you want to do? I need to plan for June if there is.

Please pray for me and my discouragement this week, I know it is the enemy using it to stop me from using this blog the way God wants me to. Please pray that I can reach out to others and get encouragement from other Christian women out in the blogging world. I need to connect with those woman to help me along.


One thought on “Really No Excuses

  1. Tammy, Preparing for a Bible study requires a lot of time. Thank you for taking time out for it. Just do what you can. God loves us just the way we are. We are created in his image.

    Happy mothers day!


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