Bible Study · Luke

Luke Chapter 3


I find that there is not much for me to say about this chapter. I find that this is more of a here is a list of people and here is a brief history of what happened. We find who is in rule for the 15th year. This is when John the Baptist goes out and starts his ministry and preaches that Christ is coming and they must repent of their sins and also be baptized.

I must say when I did read this chapter and whenever I have read this chapter I always wonder why he calls them brood of vipers. I mean he knows they are all sinners. I wonder if he is call them all brood of vipers or if he is calling the leaders the brood of vipers.

So, upon looking up what this verse really mean I found all sorts of goodies. It is very interesting to read different perspectives on one verse. While reading different people’s view on this one verse they pretty much all say the same. John was talking to the Pharisee and Sadducee sects and they were mostly going off of rules when John was around. They were thinking this was another way for them to make sure they were ok. From one preacher he said this:

                                      “They were alarmed and disturbed at his preaching; they feared that that drear time of awful suffering, generally known as the “woes of Messiah,” a period which their great rabbis had told them would precede Messiah’s advent, was at hand; they would provide themselves with some talisman against this time of sore calamity. The inspired predictor of these “woes” – men evidently looked on John as such – bade them come to his baptism; this baptism would be surely a safeguard, an easy bit of ritual, thought they, and one that readily approved itself to men trained in the rabbis’ schools of that age, so they came to him in numbers. But John read their hearts; hence his stern fiery rebukes.” Bible Hub

Another commentary said it was about the fruits. What one did, faith without works. One must go ahead and do things for God not just to check the block off. If you click on the Bible Hub link after the quote you can read all of the commentary on it and glean what you can from there.


That picture says it all! I can’t say much more than that! We see Jesus get baptized and start his ministry. Then the chapter ends with his genealogy.

What did you learn from this chapter? What verse(s) did you find touched you?


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