Do Over?


Have you ever just wanted a do over day? Well, that is what this day today was for me. I just wanted and still want a do over day. I know that we are suppose to talk about Luke today. I know we need to get up on the chapters and we have a new Bible study coming for June. I just truly feel right now that we just need to talk. At least I do. How about you?

I got to start my lovely day with only 3 hours of sleep today! Then the truck broke down again! Not once but twice! It was such a long day today. As I am sitting here complaining I have to be completely honest with you. God is nudging me and saying why don’t you tell them the blessing that came out of today?

UGH! God, why do you do this to me? Make me feel guilty about complaining? Yes, I do need to say the blessings that came out of today there are so many. We were able to go to our afternoon Bible study because our sweet pastor’s wife picked us up. When our tire blew up we did not get into a car accident. We were able to pull over and be safe! One of the Soldiers was passing by and stopped to help us get to a safe spot to wait for our pastor’s wife to come get us for Bible study. A friend of Jason’s helped us to get a tire so we could make it home safely tonight. It was a warm day out today with the sun shining! It has been raining ever Tuesday for the pass 3 weeks! The gentleman that helped Jason offered us new tires and we will be getting new tires on the truck at the start of the month!

Now looking through all that I am glad that the day happened even when all the negative things did happen. I just learned a valuable thing right now. I need to write down the blessings of the day BEFORE I decide to complain about the negatives of the day!

I also wanted to write to you guys about something God has been discussing with me. You all know that I write another blog. Well, it is for book reviews. I love reading and doing book reviews. But, God and I had it out. He basically told me I had to do one or the other. This blog or the book review blog. The reason being I can only network and do everything I need to do for one blog. The other blog will be left behind. So, I will be doing book reviews on here along with other things. I’m going expand on what I will be talking about on here. I won’t be expanding on things too much though.

I will tell more tomorrow. I am going to shut down the other blog and the email and just focus on this blog. I can’t wait to see where this blog will take me and all of you!

Please continue to pray that I am going the way God wants me to go and not the way I want to go! Also, pray that God brings a Bible Study or Subject he feels we should be talking about.

I can’t wait to take this blog further with God’s help!


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4 thoughts on “Do Over?

  1. I had to do something similar a couple of months ago. I had to bring balance into my day. God does work with us every minute.
    I am looking forward to book reviews. I am also reader and would love to get new authors in my book. I am sorry I missed your other blog (not knowing how to get on it).


    1. Janice,

      It’s ok it wasn’t up for very long. It was getting to overwhelming for me to keep both of the blogs up. I will pull over the reviews that I did on that one here so you will get to see the books that I did review.


  2. I enjoyed your post. I find it easy to get caught up in the negative things at times but taking a few moments to look for the blessings in the midst of it all makes a big difference to our perspective. Visiting from the #RaRaLinkup.


    1. Lesley,

      Thank you so very much for stopping by and commenting on my blog! It was so hard to find the blessings even in the midst of everything that was going on. Getting that knock on the head was what I needed at that point in time. I am so happy that I got it!

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