3 Stars · Book Review

A Star-Reckoner’s Lot By Darrell Drake


A Star-Reckoner’s Lot

By Darrell Drake

Publish Date: 2 Oct 2016

Genre: Fantasy

 Rating: 3 Stars

About the Book:

For some, loss merely deprives. For others, it consumes.

Ashtadukht is a star-reckoner. The worst there’s ever been. Witness her treacherous journey through Iranian legends and ancient history.

Only a brave few storytellers still relate cautionary glimpses into the life of Ashtadukht, a woman who commanded the might of the constellations—if only just, and often unpredictably. They’ll stir the imagination with tales of her path to retribution. How, fraught with bereavement and a dogged illness, she criss-crossed Sassanian Iran in pursuit of creatures now believed mythical. Then, in hushed tones, what she wrought on that path.

About the Author:

Darrell Drake has published four books, with A Star-Reckoner’s Lot being the latest. He often finds himself inspired by his research to take on new hobbies. Birdwatching, archery, stargazing, and a heightened interest in history have all become a welcome part of his life thanks to this habit.


I feel bad about giving this such a low review after seeing all the postive reviews out there. But for me, it just didn’t do it. I did not really understand the plot of the book. I felt that the story was a bit all over the place.
I personally had a hard time keeping track of what was going on. I would be reading the story and understanding it then something would happen out of the blue and I would wonder where it came from. The the story would follow that bit of adventure and then there would be another. Without finishing the first thing we were reading.
His writing of the story was beautiful in of itself. I could see the world that he was describing. I could see the pain upon Ashta’s face when remembering her husband/brother. I could see the illusionary world of the birds.
He is a wonderful write that can bring any world to life. But for this book I just could not get into the story and follow the story and understand the main theme of the book. I would not mind giving him another chance on another book.

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****I was given a copy of this book for my honest review****

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