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Dead Lawyers Don’t Lie (A Jake Wolfe Novel) By: Mark Nolan

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Dead Lawyers Don’t Lie

A Jake Wolfe Novel

By: Mark Nolan

Published: 1 Jan 2016

Genre: Thriller, Crime, Mystery

Rating: 4 Stars

About the Book:

A mysterious killer who calls himself The Artist is assassinating wealthy lawyers in San Francisco. When war veteran Jake Wolfe accidentally takes his picture during a murder, The Artist adds Jake to his kill list and he becomes a target in a deadly game of cat and mouse that only one of them can survive. How far would you go to protect your loved ones from a killer? Jake wants to leave his top secret, violent past life behind him. But the reluctant, flawed hero can’t ignore his duty and his personal moral compass.

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About the Author

Mark Nolan began his writing career as a successful entrepreneur who created news stories for businesses that were featured in The Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, Parade, Reader’s Digest and The Associated Press. Nolan was born in San Francisco, grew up in the Bay Area of California, and has also lived in the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii. He has raised two great kids and one very smart retriever dog. Right now he’s busy writing the next book about Jake and Cody (Book 2), but he also tries to make time every day to answer emails from readers. You can reach him at marknolan.com/contact

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This review is an up and down review for me. It is a tough review. I was not really sure what to give it. I liked the book, but there were points within the book that I did not like it. This book had it’s ups and downs.

I feel that this book was way to long. I think that this book could of been written and said in a much shorter way. There were times within the book I was wondering why the book was still going on. I would just sit there and be like I’m on chapter ….. and I’m not even half way through the book yet! The book should almost be over! I don’t know if it was because it was a slow part within the book, or if I feel the author could of just taken some parts out of the book.

Now on the flip side there are parts of the book where I could not stop reading the book and I was getting annoyed with my loved ones because they would be talking to me and all I wanted to do was read the book and find out what was going to happen on the very next page. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to know what was going to happen.

The author allows you to get to know the characters within the book very intimately. The characters become your friend, or they become your enemy. You want to cheer for the good guys and you really can’t wait for the bad guy to get what is coming to them.

I must be honest here I cried a bit during this book. Let me explain why. I am a retired military spouse, a very proud one. With so much military speaking and so much of the military intertwined within the book it tugged at my heart. The PTSD that is spoken of, the turmoil that is spoken of, and all the different things the author puts in tore at me. I give major props to the author the respect he gave to the military through out the book.

I would not mind reading more within this series. As long as it’s not as long as this book was. I did enjoy the book, there was times I wish the book would just end but then again I couldn’t but the book down and get enough of it. So, this book was a mix of a review for me.

You would have to read this one for yourself and be the judge.



****I was given a copy of this book for my honest review****

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