5 Stars · Book Review

For Beau: The Sarah Ashdown Story


For Beau: The Sarah Ashdown Story

By: Simon Gandossi

Published: 15 Dec 2016

Genre: Historical Fiction

Rating: 5 Stars

About the Book:

The ground shook with each bomb that fell on London. The night sky lit up, and the sounds of gunfire overwhelmed the city as our brave men fought back. It took so many bombs to fall on this great city to make the Germans realize that England could not be defeated. It took just one bomb to make one woman realize her true destiny.

Sarah Ashdown’s insurmountable guilt and remorse over the death of a young girl sets in motion one of the most unbelievable stories of World War II. An ordinary housewife who defied the odds to become one of the most wanted women in occupied Europe, her story of determination and courage will shock and inspire those who read it.

About the Author:

Simon Gandossi is a historical fiction author who was born and raised in Western Australia. From an early age, Simon discovered a passion for history and writing. It is that passion combined with his desire to bring to light the different aspects of the past that makes him a unique writer. There are a lot of people who give up so much to follow their dreams, and Simon is no different. To become a professional writer is difficult, but his hard work and determination has seen him develop from an amateur to a full-time writer in just a few years. To learn more about Simon, please visit www.simongandossi.com.

“I want everyone to take a step back in time when they read my books. Every book should take the reader on a journey. With my dedication to preserving history, I know that each and every person will begin that journey from the very first word” – Simon Gandossi


What a story this was! WoW! I could not put this book down and was sad when I had to. I have a bit of a fascination with WWII stories. I like learning about what happened in WWII. No other part of history well maybe Medieval times, but besides that WWII.

This book opened my eyes to a lot of things. Now I’m not to sure if this book is based on a true story. I have written to the author about that. Once I find out I will let you know. I am sure that some of what on through out the book actually did happen. I will tell you it just sickens me! To know that other human beings could do such things to other human beings. The courage of Ms. Ashdown and others that survived during WWII is amazing!!

If the story is true I commend Ms. Ashdown for everything that she had to go through. I will say she was very cold-hearted and I understand why she had to be. She had to survive and she had to put her humanity away. Sometimes she didn’t and she suffered because of it.

This book really makes you sit back and think. At least it did for me, you take the past for granted. It’s like well that is the past, they won the war for us. We are free because they won. We don’t need to know anymore than that. To see what everyone had to go through even the German people themselves had to go through was eye opening for me.

The author’s writing and the way he brings the story to life was spectacular! The imagery that he uses so you can see the surroundings without being there was excellent it felt like you were there with Ms. Ashdown. The pain she feels, you feel. It was such an immersion type book.

It is a book that I will defiantly recommend for anyone that wants to read any history on WWI or history period. You must be prepared though it does get dicey in there and it shows how cold-hearted she can be. If you cannot handle that type of talk this may not be the type of book for you. He is not graphic about the stuff but depending on how sensitive you are. Either way I would say read it!



****I was given a copy of this book for my honest review****

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