Summer Fun!


I am so excited I am about to burst! I get to talk about my garden today! It’s so exciting for me. Now I’m no gardener I have more of a brown thumb than a green one, but I am trying really hard this year on gardening. Plus, I’ve talked with the hubby and I am planning on making my dinning room into a greenhouse and going to garden all year round!!! How exciting is that?!?!?! So, on with it!

Well, after the afternoon I had today! I fell today and I think I sprained my ankle from the fall. I don’t know how I fell I was going to wash my hands in the bathroom then the next thing I knew I was on the floor yelling for Jason to help me get up off the floor! The only thing hurt is my ankle and my pride. I haven’t fallen in about 2 years. Which is a good record. Before you ask no I didn’t have my cane. I don’t usually use it in the bathroom because there isn’t even much room for me in the bathroom. I had my sneakers on and my brace so I shouldn’t of fell. But, the husband and the dogs came barreling up the stairs and rescued me. Rose she hasn’t left my side since I fell and she has given me the evil eye since then. So, I have made her pissed off at me.

So, now that we have gotten that unpleasantness out of the way. Can I talk about the gardening?!?! GREAT! So, I have before and after pictures. I haven’t gone outside to take pictures of where the garden is going to be just yet. So, you’ll have to be in suspense just till then! Sorry!

So, here is my before picture:


That would be darling Rose posing for the picture! She just HAD to be in the picture!

You might be wondering what we have for seeds they are:

Carrots, Watermelon, Tomatoes, Broccoli, Sweet Peppers, Cantaloupe, Cucumbers, Sunflowers (MY FAVORITE FLOWER (hint, hint)), Iceburg Lettuce, Zuchini, Sweet Corn (we decided not to plant those), Green Beans, Peas, Pumpkins (we decided not to plant those), Strawberries. That is in order of picture (starting at left top)

Now for the after picture:


They are all potted and awaiting their growth times to be put outside! Tried to get Taz in the picture he wasn’t having any of it!

I’m all excited now that they are all in their pots and now we are waiting for them to grow so we can put them out in the ground. I know we will most likely get them out late so we will have a late harvest. Such is life here in North Country. I don’t feel to bad about planting late. Our landlord has not planted his corn yet, so I’m thinking we are going to be just fine.

I know this was suppose to be just about gardening. But, you know me I talk when I need to. I want to thank those that have been commenting and been giving me such great encouragement about the blog. Thank you for saying you like how I am so truthful. That means so much to me, you just don’t know how much.

I feel I have been that way since about my mid 20’s but I think I truly just decided once I hit 40 that, that was it. I was done with things. I feel that up till that point I was still a bit of doing things because I wanted others to like me. I feel I wasn’t truly being me, and once I hit 40 I was like why? Why was I doing this? I just didn’t care anymore. And once I just let it all go at that point, I became so much happier. I thought I was free before? Oh no! I was free then. It was a totally different free. So, now I live my life like I want. If you don’t like me for me then Oh well! Life is too short.

I hope with this blog that I can help other people out there. There is a lot of stuff that I have been through that people that are close to me really don’t know about. Just because I have kept it to myself all these years. The only person who truly knows me besides me and God is the husband. He knows it all just like God. I am hoping this blog will help me to open up and help others that have gone through the same stuff. I am hoping this is what God has planned for this blog. I don’t know yet. This is a road I will be traveling with God, my husband, my kids, and those that want to travel with me by reading it. I welcome anyone that wants to travel this road with me.

If you are ready, I am too. Let’s do this!


Sincerely, Paula

2 thoughts on “Summer Fun!

  1. Go girl! It has taken me 60 years to speak my mind and quit letting people walk all over me, just so I would be liked.
    I want people to see Jesus in me, not a doormat.
    Thank you for your writings today! May your garden grow.
    I will post a message to you showing you my latest painting. Enjoy!.


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