Bible Study · Luke

Luke Chapters 4 and 5


Good morning!

I found this mornings reading to be exciting. We are getting on the move to Jesus’ ministry now. We start off with him being in the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights. The devil comes and tempts Jesus 3 different times, and Jesus then quotes scripture to him.

My pastor did a full sermon Jesus’ temptations and how we ourselves are tempted the same way Jesus was. It was a fascinating sermon. It went on for approx. 4-5 weeks and it ended right before Easter. I missed a couple of the sermons. I will need to find all my notes and speak upon what I learned during that time.

I might see if I can have his notes for the whole series and we can do a full Bible study on it. We will have to see what he says! I will let you know how that goes. I will ask him on Sunday when I see him again.

I found that verse 43 really spoke of the chapter. I know that we have Jesus’ temptation at the start but I truly feel that verse 43 speaks about what the chapter truly means. Jesus was sent so that way he could preach the good news to the rest of the cities. He was not meant to stay at one city even though the people there wanted him to stay.


It is awesome that Jesus came to preach to ALL of us. Jew, Gentile, sinner, saint, murderer, no matter what we have done. I know that we as humans can’t fathom some people no matter what their sin is should be saved. I know that I am that way. There are people that have done some pretty awful stuff to me that I think that God should not forgive and allow to go to heaven. But, here in this chapter I am reminded that Jesus came for ALL of us. That is one hard pill to swallow!


I feel that this continues on from chapter 4. It really sums up Jesus’ life 100% we all know that he did come for all. If you look at the verse before the Pharisees were asking him why he is always sitting with the tax collectors and the sinners. That is because those were the people Jesus came for. The other part is Jesus came for the leaders too, I believe.

The leaders of the day weren’t all that healthy like they wanted to believe. They were just as sinful as the rest of them. But, Jesus was there for everyone else. The leader’s just couldn’t see this. They were so jealous of him. If they would of just opened their heart’s to Jesus they would of been saved just like those that did.

These 2 chapters just show how the start of Jesus’ ministry and his love for others. We see who he came to earth for. Even though we don’t want to believe it is for EVERYONE we really need to keep that in our forethought’s. We have to remember that God doesn’t see sin in degree’s like we do. A lie is a sin, murder is a sin, all of the same degree. Even though we see it in 2 different degrees.

What did you see in these 2 chapters? What were the verse(s) that stood out to you? What did God show you in these chapters? Please comment below so we can have a discussion.


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