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Fitting In


Good morning world!

Let me start off by saying this was NOT what I was going to write about today. I had something totally different in my head. I guess God has other plans for me to write about!

Go God take control of my writing and tell me what to write! Amen!

I was looking over the blog just a few seconds ago. I was reading the different tabs I have up on my menu were, and rereading the blog posts, and just looking over the general theme of the blog. I was going over some of the comments that have been left over the different posts. I was looking over the one on Terrorism, how should we react. I don’t know if anyone knows how difficult that post was for me to write. It was really hard for me to write. I really had started that post a day or so prior to it going live. I had redone the post, started over completely. Yet, I was still worried about posting it.

I knew that was the post I needed to post. I was watching the news one day with my husband and God just laid it on my heart to post how we should react to such horrible acts. I will be honest I did not want to write it, I gave God a thousand and one reasons why I didn’t want to write. But, as you saw God won out.

I write a lot of apologizes on this blog. I don’t know if you have noticed it. I’m always saying sorry. It doesn’t even matter if it’s on the blog, I’m saying sorry ALL the time! Even if I know that it is not my fault I will say sorry and take the blame. There is a reason for that, but I don’t think I know you all well enough to delve into that subject just yet. I know one day God will ask me to open up to you guys and tell my story. Just stay with me and be patient and you will know it.

I have seen that my blog is almost like every other blog out there. Christian blogs, and stuff. I was thinking that I must have my blog a certain way to be considered a Christian blog. I should have certain things on the blog to be considered a Christian blog. That I should measure up to someone else’s standards.

I realized while looking over my blog that the only standard that I need to measure up to is God’s. We as Christians need to remember that. We cannot measure ourselves be it blogging, looks, etc. to what the world perceives us as. We must measure ourselves by what God sees us as. As the verse above says we cannot conform to the world. We must conform to God’s will.

That was a really weird way of going about that message. I hope that you are able to follow my thoughts on this. We must not fit into the world, we must fit into God’s world.


Be God different!


4 thoughts on “Fitting In

      1. this is sadly funny, not only because Muslims, especially Arabs, are some of the most racist people on Earth.i wonder if the Muhammedans are as amazed as we are to see the “srprupowee” bend over for them so easily. it is the blackest of comedy


      2. Jayden,

        Thanks for stopping by, Thank you for your thoughts. But, just because they are racist to us does not give us the right to do the same to us. Even though we are the same right back to them. Maybe that is some of the reason for so much tension between us?


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