Verse of the Day

Would you?


Strange title right? Well, it is one that has stayed with me since Sunday. During Sunday morning preaching my pastor asked a question and I’ve been milling it around in my head since then. I don’t really have answer for why I have been milling it around since if I am to be 100 % honest with myself and you I already knew the answer. Don’t you hate when you must be honest with yourself?

Like I have said he is preaching about forgiveness. So, how is this question that I’m going to ask you even faintly fitting in with forgiveness? Well, my pastor was preaching on how God feels when we disobey him and how he sent Jesus to the cross so we could have our sins forgiven. The only way that we could ever get back to God. How he knew he had to sacrifice his son for us because he loved us that much. How Jesus loved us that much that also agreed to this sacrifice!

Our pastor asked us: If there was a firing squad lined up and there was a terrorist there would we stand in front of him and take the bullets for him?

Jesus would. Would I? Now, I say I’ve been thinking about this since Sunday, but have I really? Have I really stopped to think about would I place myself in front of a known terrorist and take his place? No, I would not stand in front of the firing squad and take those bullets for him. Even if he looked me in the eyes and told me he found Jesus and he was sorry for everything he did. I’m just being honest here. What else am I suppose to do? Tell you a big fat lie? What point would that be? Didn’t I promise to be honest to you all on here?

Do I feel shame because of the way I would react? Yes, that I do. As I wrote it out God was tapping me on the shoulder. I was trying to ignore him. I was trying to make an excuse as I was writing it out to you guys. I was trying to tell God, look at what that terrorist did to everyone! Look at his SIN!! It is so big! But, is it really bigger than my sin? Maybe I feel that it is. Does God see his sin as bigger than MY sin? No! No, he doesn’t. My pastor reminded us on Sunday that God doesn’t have a sliding scale of sin. Just because I steal a piece of gum my sin is not a lesser sin because he caused people to die. We both sinned equally in God’s eye!

Why is that so hard for us to see? We see sin on a sliding scale don’t we? Well, I only told a little white lie, it was so they wouldn’t get hurt. Well, so and so committed a theft so their sin is so big. God will forgive my sin and not so and so’s because mine was so small. NO! What are we thinking! They are both equal!

My saying I would NOT lay down my life for him is a sin! That is what Jesus did for me! Does God not expect us to do the same for our fellow brother and sisters?


I know that I want to be Jesus’ friend. How about you?

What do you think? Would you? Would you stand in place of that terrorist? Let’s be honest! There is nothing better than honesty.


2 thoughts on “Would you?

  1. My immediate answer is NO WAY. We sure have a sliding scale for sin. I never thought about it that way.
    Thank you again for being honest with us.


    1. Janice,

      Once again thank you for stopping by and commenting.

      Makes you stop and think doesn’t it? What God makes us do. That finger tapping on my shoulder while I was writing, the shame I felt. That tugging on my heart because I knew better.


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