Chit Chat

Taking a breather


I feel that the past few posts were really heavy. Don’t you? There were some heavy topics. So, I was figuring we could just chit chat today. Just like the picture says!


I also figured we should have a day or two where we just talk. Not about anything heavy, not about much of anything. Just a hey let’s get to know each other type of talk. I mean how else are we going to do so? Also, a what you been up to type of post. It’s the middle of the week and we had the climb up now it’s down hill from here right!?!

So, I am excited tomorrow is the read-along for It by Stephen King! If you want to join in the summer fun for the read-along here is some information: it is hosted by: Gather Together and Read and #SummerofIt. I have been really looking for to it. I hope to be able to see the new adaptation of the movie. I hope they do it justice. I am a huge Stephen King fan! At the same time I have signed up for the Stephen King challenge!! That is to read ALL of his works! That is MADNESS! But I don’t have a time limit thank goodness.

Another reading challenge I entered which I haven’t put up on the site yet is the big book summer challenge! That one is about reading books 400 + pages long over the summer. I have my picture for that but I’m going to have to make a new one now! I forgot to add Stephen King’s book! I think I will just use the cover arts so I can have my link posted!

So, I found a Bible study I am going to start tomorrow on here. I’m not sure you would call it a Bible study. It’s a challenge, it’s praying for your husband for 30 days. I will post the link. I would like to know who would like to do this with me. I will be posting something about it everyday.

I’m not sure if you all are liking the verse of the day. Would you guys like for me to keep it? Also, I’m not sure if I am putting enough of me into the blog. Not enough personal posts like this one into the blog. I think I put a lot of me into the posts that I am writing (kinda hard not LoL) but I’m not sure I am connecting any other way. I would love to hear what you all have to say about that.


So what are you up to? Have any exciting plans coming up? Do you think I need to add anything more personal to the blog? Do you want to join in the Pray for your husband (Spouse) for 30 Days challenge? Do you like the verse of the day? Want me to keep the verse of the day going? Want to see more Chit Chat posts?

Please comment in comment section your thoughts are welcomed!


4 thoughts on “Taking a breather

  1. I just love this chat. It was delightful. Yes, continue with the verse of the day. They are great and the picture you put with it is great.
    I don’t like reading Steven King so am going to pass of that. I am interested in the other reading challenge.
    I am busy taking an online watercolor class, so have committed to do one class a day. So far it takes me two days to do one. I have been painting for many years and found an artist that paints very detailed and I have these tiny brushes. One has only a couple of hairs. So far all but one came out delightful.
    I also love, love to draw and I have had to put the pencils aside to get these painting done.
    Tammy, can you give us an update on your garden? Love to see your progress on the inside gardening. I always wanted to do it. My patio is just lovely. My friend gave me some bright red flower pots. With the other pots and stand from yard sales, the flowers are making my heart sing. Thank you God for the sun today.
    Thank you again, Tammy for this blog. I am so enjoying it. I am truly being blessed by it.
    Love ya


    1. Janice,

      I will take a picture today of my pots! I wanted to wait till I had some growing. I looked today and WoW! I won’t give it away!!!

      I wish I could draw and paint. Years ago I found a company that had painting and the picture I do believe was already on it. I must dig them out and show it on the blog. Maybe I will try one of those?! It would not be anything as awesome as what you gave me.

      Can I brag and post your picture on the blog? I believe all should see your beautiful picture you gave me!


      1. Sure you can. Thank you for the compliment. Can I send you my completed painting of the class as I get them done?


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