Prayer Challenge

Day 1 Prayer Challenge

Day 1

Welcome to day 1! It is rather exciting to be doing this! So, today we are to pray for our husbands to seek God’s relationship with him. Above all other relationships. Above our own relationship with our husband included.

That is a hard pill to swallow. Don’t we always want to come first with our husband’s? I know I do! I am going to add a little note in there for myself to allow that relationship to grow and not to grow jealous as that relationship with God grows! I do get jealous! Wow! Why should I? I want to be the one with the good relationship with God. I don’t want the husband to have one. Isn’t that just silly? Why wouldn’t I? I want hubby to be in heaven with me. I mean yea sure, have Jesus in your heart so you can get to heaven! But, have a better relationship with God and than me HA! No WAY! How childish!

Here are the verses of the day to pray over your husband:

Dear Lord,

Please give me a heart that can put aside my selfishness and allow my husband to have the type of relationship that he NEEDS to have with you. I pray each of these verses over him Lord. I pray that my husband will seek your face always and gains your strength and trusts in you and will be blessed by you for it. That he will love you with all his soul, strength, mind, and heart.

Lord, I pray that this challenge goes well. That whatever that needs to happen will happen. I give this challenge to you Lord. I give everything to you!



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