Verse of the Day

Book of Life


Good afternoon!

Thank you all for allowing me to talk earlier today, I really needed it. I hate when I get a panic attack. I hate that I allowed the name, the thought, the remembrance of years past to bring me to a panic attack! How weak I felt! You don’t know how much I berated myself for it.

I want to talk about this verse of the day though! Isn’t it wonderful!?! Once we overcome we will be clothed in white garments! Jesus will never blot our name from the Book of Life!!! Once we accept Christ into our hearts and truly repent from our sins our name is in THE BOOK OF LIFE! And it won’t be blotted out! How amazing is that?

But, what is more is Jesus is going to go to God and the angels and confess OUR name to them! That is even better! How awesome is that!?! Crazy awesome! I’m just sitting here and thinking about it and my mind is BLOWN!

How about you? When you see this verse what do you see? This verse is so visual!


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