Prayer Challenge

Day 3 Prayer Challenge

Day 3

Pray for his work.
Pray that God would bless the work of his hands, that he would enjoy
his work, and see God glorified in all facets of his job. Pray he would not
make an idol or identity out of his work. When his work is toilsome, pray
for endurance and perspective.
Read: Men’s Identity Struggle by Eric Hogue
Verses for today:

Reading the article put a whole new light on the subject of men for me. I already knew what Mr. Hogue was talking about. You don’t grow up in church or around guys and not know how much certain things affect guys. You don’t go on marriage retreats and know this. To see it from another side is different. Seeing it from Adam’s side, not once have I heard it from Adam’s side. How everything effected him, and how he felt after the serpent tricked him and how he felt afterwards. I mean I had a thought in the back of my head but nothing like what Mr. Hogue pointed out. I thank him for that.

Dear Lord,

I lift my husband to you. I lift that after he is done with school that he finds a job that he likes and one that you want him to do. I pray as he finishes his schooling that you give him the wisdom and help him through school. That you shine upon him, that you are a light that he can shine on others. That he shows that he lives for you and that you are the one that can set us free.

Lord, I pray that I can be there to support him in the way you need me to support him. That I am the wife you need me to be. I know that I have a mouth, and I can say stuff that I don’t mean and that I can be rather harsh. I pray that I will lift my husband up and be that help meet you have made me to be.



What are your thoughts on Day 3 challenge?

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