Happy Homemaker Monday

Happy Homemaker Monday (1)


Hosted @ Diary of a Stay at Home Mom

The weather…..

Well, the weather last week was off and on ok. The weather over the weekend was not so well it was cold. We are wondering if we are even going to get a summer. We have missed spring this year!

On my reading pile….

Favorite blog post last week (mine or other)….

There have been many I have read but I think this one:

Book of Life (Verse of the Day)

Blog hopping (newly discovered blog)….

So many blogs! I look for blog hops everyday! I love just finding new blogs!

So far I have found:

Diary of a Stay at Home Mom

I will need to come back here and update this list!

On my to do list….

Finish setting up my site for my new businesses:

Fibi & Clo

And I just became a personal shopper:

Your Personal Shopper

Need to post:

Verse of the Day

30 Day Prayer Challenge

From the camera….

My garden is growing rather well! Once it gets a tad bit warmer and they grow more I can finally plant them!


I am so happy that I found this blog hop! It is so much fun! I am looking for more blog hops so if you all know more please let me know! I’m interested in book hops, and Christian hops.


10 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday (1)

  1. Have you read It before? It was on of the scariest books I read back in the 80s (dating myself a bit ;)). I already know I won’t be seeing the new movie, can’t handle scary movies very well. Looks like you have a good start on your garden. Hope you have a great week!


  2. Welcome to Happy Homemaker Monday – there’s a great group of bloggers here with lots of fun and interesting things to share. Thanks for visiting my blog – I would happily send my warm weather to you for your cold temperatures! Have a great week.


  3. Hi Tammy, thank you so much for joining in with my Happy Homemaker Monday. I’m so glad you found my blog 🙂

    Hope to see you around every week, and feel free to come take a look around my blog any time. I’ll be adding yours to my sidebar so I can visit you as well 🙂

    Have a great week!


    1. Janice,

      Your more than welcome! I am hoping I can plant them soon! Just today I was outside waiting for the truck and when I can see my own breath while sitting outside it does not seem good. I am worried. I think I will have to start making my indoor garden sooner than I thought!


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