Prayer Challenge

Day 4 Prayer Challenge

Day 4

Pray for his friendships.
Pray God would grow his friendships with other men. Pray that God would
bring godly men into his life to form close bonds with, men who would
lead him closer to God and not away. Pray he would be a good friend to
those who need friendship. Pray for selflessness on your part as he spends
time with friends, even if that means sometimes sacrificing time with you.
Who are your husband’s 3 closest friends? Write their names on an index
card and commit to regularly praying for them, that they would grow
closer to God and, in turn, draw your husband closer to God.
Here are the verses for today:
When I look at the writing prompt I cannot think of 3 male friends that he has. I feel bad about that. He is always at home. He doesn’t go out often at all.
Dear Lord,
Please help my husband make 2 male friends that are strong in their Christian faith that can help him in his walk with you. Help them to show him the way he needs to lead the family, how to do a daily walk with you. Help them to be the shoulder he needs, and let him be a shoulder when he is needed. Help them to be able to support each other in whatever means that is necessary.
Lord, help me not to be needy and needing my husband around all the time. Please help me support those friendships he needs. Help him see those type of men he needs in his life and help them to blossom.

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