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Chit Chat Wednesday (2)



So, I think Wednesday’s will be my chit chat day with you all. I kinda liked how it went the last week. It was nice to just sit down and talk with you and let you all know a little bit about me, know what was coming up and just have a little bit more fun! I figure it doesn’t always have to be so darn serious!

I’m not sure if you all noticed or not but I put up a couple new categories up on my menu up top:

I put up the Weight Loss Journey one under that one you will find my story if you haven’t read that post yet, I will also have a post under there for weigh-ins, food journal, exercise journal, and I am going to do a Bible Study for this journey. Anyone and everyone is allowed to join even if you don’t have a blog just use the comment section. I will post more about it during the week. I will be starting it all on Monday (12 June 17)

My other section is Crafts! So, my friend Janice has inspired me to try my hand at painting I have the stuff so I plan on trying it! Also, I crochet so I plan on showing off some of my crochet stuff. I also plan on showing off and other projects that anyone would like to e-mail me to show off!

Also I have exciting news! I have 2 new jobs! I am so excited about them!!! They are:

Fibi & Clo

I can do parties right here on the computer! So, if you would LOVE to host a party for me on the computer please let me know!! I’m so excited about this.


Personal Shopper @ Shop Your Way

If I can invite you to become a client of mine please let me know! I am a personal shopper now and I am having so much fun helping others finding the bargains and getting what they need while they do what they need to do!

I have so much to share about these two companies please let me help you!

So, all my reading challenges are good. I’m reading It so far nothing like the movie! I’m reading a cozy mystery can’t wait to put that review up for you guys, it is really good. I am also doing my first ever audiobook review. I’m not very good at audiobooks I get distracted easy with them.

I hope you all are enjoying the 30 Day Prayer Challenge for Your Husband. I know I am! I am liking all the verses and the insight of what I need to pray for when it comes to praying for my husband.

I hope you’re enjoying the verse of the day still.

So, has anything happened to you this week? What is going on in the upcoming week? What are your thoughts on how the blog is coming out? Comment!


One thought on “Chit Chat Wednesday (2)

  1. Love, love this Chit Chat. I also crochet, so it will be fun to share projects. I crochet scrubby pads with cotton on one side and netting on the other. I get so many repeat customers. It is my pattern, so I would love to share if anyone wants it.
    Can’t wait to see some of your paintings. Have fun.
    Monday, it is. Time to get the metabolism in balance. What is your plan, so I can be ready. Can’t wait to get this food issue under control.
    Also, can I go to your blog without going thru facebook?
    Love ya.


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