Prayer Challenge

Day 5 Prayer Challenge

Pray for his spiritual growth.
Pray he would be deeply rooted in the Word, that he would bear much
fruit for the kingdom of God. Pray he would grow into a leader in his
church, family and community, and lead others to a stronger relationship
with Christ by his example.
Here are the verses for today:
It is so important that our husbands put down firm roots in God. We need them to lead our families in the way they need to go in God. God has put so much responsibility on our husbands. I sometimes sit back and think about it, we think us as woman have a lot, but if you really think about it men have a HUGE part. They are the LEADERS of our home! They are responsible for the spirituality in the home. Do you know how much pressure that is for a man? They are also to be the “bread winner” of the home. I know now a days people don’t believe that. There are still some of us out there that are old fashion like that.
I know that God looks upon the leader’s of the family, the church, etc. and puts them in a class of their own. I am trying to think of the Bible verse that says he holds them to a higher judgement. When I find it I will post it. So, we need to really pray for our husbands and make sure that their roots are firmly in God and they are producing the fruit of God.
Dear Lord,
Please help my husband place his roots firmly in you Lord so he may show the fruit of you Lord. Help me to be the help meet that I must be. That I support him as he Shepard’s the home in the ways of you Lord. While he is out in the world Lord, let those that see him know that he is for you Lord, that he shines your light and they know that the light he shines is yours.

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