4 Stars · Book Review

Farm Fresh Murder By Paige Shelton


Farm Fresh Murder

Series: A Farmers’ Market Mystery (Book 1)

By: Paige Shelton

Publication: 6 April 2010

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

Rating: 4 Stars

About the Book:

Becca Robins leads a simple life, making jams and preserves on her very own farm. But when there’s a murder in her quaint little town, she puts herself in the line of fire to defend her friend’s innocence-and goes from making jam to being in one.

About the Author:

Paige Shelton is the New York Times Bestselling author of the Farmers’ Market, Country Cooking School, Dangerous Type, and Scottish Bookshop mysteries. She’s lived lots of places but currently resides in Arizona. Find out more at http://www.paigeshelton.com


This was a good book. I would like to start that out right now, I am thinking the reason that I have a bit of mixed feelings about this book is because I have never read a cozy mystery before. I’m not really sure what a cozy mystery is supposed to be like, so I think that is why I’m bit wary of the book.

Ms. Shelton is an excellent writer she gets you into the book, draws you in, makes you want to continue reading as much as possible. She had the elements of a good mystery novel so that is not the reason I feel a bit off about this book. Maybe because the police had a back seat to this novel. It was like they were there but weren’t.

I don’t know if it’s just me but when I read a book I picture it in my head. That is how I read, I see the story as I read it, and I just can’t see some of the scene’s in my head. I know that I base a lot of my scenes off of real life. Having the main detective not give the main character more than a slap on the wrist each time she involves herself within the murder is just so off that it bothers me. Having the main character active so much in solving the murder and not the police is so not going to happen that I just had a lot of trouble with it.

It’s ok, go ahead and say it is just a book. It’s suppose to be just a made up story and it’s not suppose to be anything like real life. I know this, but there are somethings that I just can’t separate from real life and a story this just happens to be one of them. The other one deals with the military.

Overall, the book was really well written, Ms. Shelton did a really good job keeping me interested in the story. I finished the book in a really good time. I am thinking of reading the next book in the series and seeing how I like the next one. Like I said she had everything I like in a mystery novel. There was just a bit I had trouble with.

I do have to add there was some swearing within the book. It was peppered within the book, not one that it was every other page just a few here and there. I just wanted to give a heads up to that. There is a bit of romance in the book, the most that happens is a kiss. This book has the amount of romance I like in a book! So, I was thrilled with that!

I was able to get this book from my public library, I live in Smallville, USA so you should be able to get it from your local library also. I say it is a worthy read.



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