Happy Homemaker Monday · Verse of the Day

Happy Homemaker Monday (2)


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The weather…..


(19 June- 25 June)

Right now I am….

Writing this post. But I need to do more networking and need to networking for my business. I also need to do a book review post!

On my reading pile….

On my to do list….

I think mine will be for the week. I need to post daily. I also need to not be so discouraged. I need to realize that it will take time for this blog to take off. I also have to realize I am doing this blog for God and myself. I need to make it that way. Not feel pressured to do post or do anything else that would veer off that track.

In the craft basket….

I am doing a birthday present for my daughter. She won’t have her birthday till August so I am starting now. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to this. I am making her a scarf. I will post pictures of some of the stuff I am doing.

Looking forward to this week….

Our church helps out with a run that happens every year. I am really looking forward to that on Sunday.

From the camera….


(My son graduated on Thursday!)

Bible verse, Devotional….



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