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I was looking for a blog hop for today, I want to do something everyday for a blog hop. Bring a little joy into the blog get to know more people around the blog sphere. Most of the things that I have been finding want me to link a post, an inspiring post, something that will inspire people, a DiY post, a recipe post, crafting post, etc. Well, I was looking over my posts, I didn’t post anything over the past week there was a reason for that, I did that on purpose. I will explain my reasoning soon, I promise.

Well, for posts I do not do DiY stuff, I don’t feel like I would do good with those, plus I rent right now so I can’t do much about it and I’ve never been a DiYer, I mean I have always wanted to try it. I just don’t feel like I am made that way, I have no passion for it just the hmm…this would be good, or I see other’s stuff and I’m like that would be cool, and I just don’t have the funds for it.

Recipes, well the kids cook now. It’s easier that way, our kitchen is really, really small like we are lucky that 2 people can fit in the kitchen. Let’s add in my wheelchair and well forget about it (New Yorker Accent here)! Plus since they don’t really do much they can do something around the house. When we cook, we use pre-made recipes we find, we don’t make up our own. So, I feel that is out of the question, I feel they want recipes we make on our own and that is NOT us!

Crafting! Yea, about that? I don’t have a crafting bone in my body. I did learn to crochet, but I don’t know how to make my own patterns I would like to learn how to. But, I think I need to get better at crocheting first before I can do that. Like I wrote yesterday I am in the middle of a crocheting project so I will post pictures here in tomorrow’s post!

I didn’t post last week, because frankly I feel so discouraged. I know your probably getting sick of hearing that from me. But, like I told you before I’m not holding back. That is how I’ve been feeling. I am trying to put my foot forward with this blog. I really like having this blog. I love doing the posts, I would love it even better if I knew people were actually getting something out of it. I don’t think I have really written anything inspiring for a couple of weeks.

I read a blog post today while finding a blog hop to participate in. I was just about to blame others for the reason I haven’t felt inspired, but this blog post: Are You Playing the Blame Game? By Soul Survivor came into my mind. I know that I have not been in the Word of God the way I need to be. I have stopped reading the Bible since I have started this blog. I have allowed this blog to run my life and not allowed God to run my life.

I know that God wants me to use this blog to further his Kingdom, but I have not done that because I have not been true to God. I have not allowed the Word of God to guide me like I did at the start of the blog. I would read my Bible Study and then write what it was God wanted me to write. As I looked over my site I could see the decline in the writing, the way I would post, how short I wrote things and thought that it could be enough. How I was satisfied with the way I was doing things. How I was adding things to the blog, not allowing God to tell me what I should be adding to the blog.

I am failing God, I cannot blame it on not enough people looking at the blog, not enough people commenting on my posts, not enough traffic on my Twitter, Facebook, WordPress Followers. If I am going to do this for God then God will make sure that I get who needs to be here and read what needs to be read. I know that this blog will not be for everyone. Not everyone will like the way I just say what is on my mind, that I will be blunt and honest, and just come out with it. That I will have stories that will come out and be hard for me to tell everyone, that might make people cry, angry, or any other emotions. God, needs to bring the right people to my blog. I need to stop look at ME and START LOOKING AT GOD! That is what this blog is about! God! Not me GOD!

I must thank God for the Bible verse he gave me when I first started this ministry:


Please stay tuned for tomorrow! It is Chit Chat Wednesday! I can’t wait to talk with you all!



Let's Be Friends


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk (1), #RaRaLinkup (1), Let’s Be Friends (1)

  1. I missed you so much last week. Even a picture of your garden would do. I am praying for you. God is good and will bless all of us thru you. You need to be consistent to keep us interested in reading your blog. You are a great writer and when you write like today, you are going to take us down the road of how God can work in you and give us hope and be blessed.


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