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Chit Chat Wednesday (3)


Good morning!

It has been a bit since I have talked with you all. I took last week off, I apologize for that. I just felt like it didn’t matter if I wrote or not. I didn’t think anyone missed me and my writing. But, my lovely friend Janice proved me wrong! Thank you Janice! I really need to work on myself and how I feel about stuff. I need to keep the enemy out of my head! I know that the enemy likes to get into my head and put doubt in there. I know that a bit of doubt is good, but not as much as I have right now.

I am thinking that maybe right now is not the best time to start my own Bible studies on this site? I don’t know. I don’t know what is right or wrong for this type of ministry. So, I think that I will take it one step at a time. I am going to allow God to flow through me, and I am going to let him lead me. If HE wants me to start Bible studies on this site I will. If HE wants me to start challenges and the what nots I will. I feel I put too much pressure on myself because I look at all the other Christian blogs out there and I see what they are doing and I’m thinking that is what I am supposed to be doing. But is it really? I need to keep that thought in mind. Is that what God wants me to do? Write my own book? Write my own Bible studies? I don’t know yet, I’m just starting out. One step at a time right? I mean who am I really? I’m sure all the blogs I read didn’t just start out writing their own devotions, books, and Bible studies right off! I have to take this slow (I’m so impatient!)

I am a type of person that I want to see the end results now, know what the plan is now. I am a planner, I am a control freak! I guess that goes with being a military wife, and my upbringing. I didn’t have a lot of control as a child, so now as an adult I want all the control that I can get. I hate it when I’m not in control. I think I go into a melt down when I am not in control, and it’s not pretty. Not at all! It is so hard to let God take control of this blog and let him show me how it will develop!

Well, a bit about what is going on over on the side of the screen! I am starting a new Bible study with Protestant Woman of the Chapel (PWOC), for those of you who do not know what this is, it is a group of military woman who get together for a Bible study weekly, there are several different Bible studies that you are able to take during the year. The regular Bible studies are ran through the school year, some PWOC’s do a Bible study during the summer month’s, this year they are doing one: One Thousand Gifts By Ann Voskamp they met up yesterday for a welcoming to the class. I will be doing it online since I cannot make it to the classes. I might post some stuff here on the site to share with you!

I know I promised that I would post a picture of what I am working on for crocheting. But, I have to be utterly honest with you I hate it! I hate the yarn I am using, I hate that you can’t tell what I am making! My daughter picked out the yarn, she wanted me to use it for the project that I am doing. The project I am doing is for her, for her birthday. Her birthday is in Aug so I have some time but I need time to get it done. I will link the pattern and stuff so you can see what I am following. I will take a picture of the yarn, and maybe you will understand? I am going to look in all of my yarn for something different, I truly hate what it is coming out to be. So, here is the link so you too can make the project:

How To Crochet A Shawl: Fluffy Meringue

Here is my starting shawl but like I said earlier I am going to change the yarn:


I have put all my plants into my garden area now! I’m so excited:


I also will be having a few book reviews coming up! I’m excited about that, you will notice that they are going to a bit across the genres. I have at least 3 coming up, and no I won’t tell you which ones, you will have to wait it out!!! If you have been paying attention I have told you sometime this week 3 out of the 4 books I will be reviewing already.

I cannot forget to tell you! My son graduated last week! I am so excited, he is at the local community college right now with the husband and he got is application in today!!! Since the news of free tuition for New York residents for 4 years of college, what a blessing! We are making sure he gets in for that. The only thing is that we need to line up his classes with the college he wants to attend after Jefferson Community College (JCC). We are going to try to get in as many classes as necessary here first before he goes to the next one. So, we are very proud of him!


Well, that is it for me! So, what have you been doing since we last chit chatted? What are your plans for the week? Let me know! I love to hear from you! I LOVE having comments and I do reply to each one of them!


2 thoughts on “Chit Chat Wednesday (3)

  1. Hi. This was a delightful chat. I love, love your garden. I pray the plants are happy there and will produce abundantly.
    For me this has been an exiting time. I gave the sunflower painting to our Bible study leader. This lead to a commission painting of a daisy. Delivered on Sunday and I got another commission for cherry blossoms. I am in the process of studying them and I am being blessed by their beauty. God is so great.
    I am also reading Anne of Green Gable by Lucy Maud Montgomery. I am loving it. Maud’s flowery descriptions of the beauty of Gods earth is just inspiring. She also goes on and on about cherry blossoms. God has this wonderful way of having multiple ways for me to see his world. I am truly being blessed. This spring our side walk on the road had twelve cherry trees in full blossom. Walking under them was like a prayer. Maud writes: “If you want to pray I’ll tell you what I’d do. I’d go out into the great big field all alone or into the deep, deep woods, and I’d look up into the sky-up-up-up-into that lovely blue sky that looks as if there was no end to its blueness. And then I’d just feel a prayer.” This is exactly what I felt walking under those blossoms.
    I am off to one of the ladies homes from our Bible study. We are off for the Summer. I miss my weekly studying time. This is my first time reading thru the Bible. What an experience and adventure God has me on. I’m a NT kind of girl, but reading the OT, I am realizing why Jesus came for us to be saved. Just great!
    Thank you for the chat and congratulations to Zack. May his journey thru college be a rewarding experience.
    Love ya,


    1. Hi Janice!

      Wow you are one busy woman aren’t you!?!? I’m so happy to hear about your commissions! I love how God is giving you all those cherry blossoms! It’s amazing how when he want’s you to study something he really let’s you know. I miss my weekly Bible study also!


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