Verse of the Day

Being Kind


At first I really didn’t understand the full meaning of this verse. I wasn’t sure what the 2nd to last sentence meant that God is kind the unthankful, I had to ask the husband for an explanation on this. So, now I get it!

How easy is it to love our enemies? I know it’s not easy for me at all, I look at this verse and think Lord how do you want me to do this? How can I do something like that? Just thinking to those that have done things to me, horrible things to me, and Christ wants me to love them! Love them? Be kind to them? Lord you know what they have done to me right? Of course he does he is Christ.

Then I think of Christ himself. Hanging there on the cross, think of everything he went through before he was hanging on the cross. The beatings, the crown they placed on his head, the cross he had to carry on his back, the whipping he had to endure. Then while he was on the cross he asked God to forgive them! He still had love for them all, even though they did all those horrible things to him, he had no anger in his heart, he only had love and forgiveness in his heart. Oh, to be able to do that!

I know that is where Christ wants us to be. I know that is where I need to be, we need to be asking Christ to help us to get there. It will happen if we ask Christ to help us, to pray daily and ask for his help. We need to read the Bible, study the Bible, hide the Word in our heart. That is the only way we can even start to get there.


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