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I was doing a Bible study called Essentials24 and this is the verse they gave me! They also gave me a question to answer and I just really felt the need to share this with you. Also, the Bible story they had me read I wanted to share also because it goes with my earlier post! Isn’t God good? He knew my heart and gave me a story that went with it, and also a verse of the day that goes with it!

What do you think is the main point of this passage and what does it teach us?

We need to have Christ in our life to be able to go into heaven. Only Christ can give us the life sustaining food that we need to live the life that we need to live.

What can we learn about God or our response to God?

That God wants us to have eternal life with him, hence the reason why he sent Christ down to us. But, we must have Christ within us to be able to get that eternal life.

How do you think this passage, or the story of the two brothers, relate to the statement that “Relationships thrive on acceptance and assurance?”

I think that the passage and the story thrive on acceptance and assurance because we need to accept Christ into our hearts and that God gives us the assurance that once we do we are his for eternity and he is willing to wait for us.

It doesn’t take long to realize though that we don’t always feel like God loves and knows us. Why do you think that happens? What things influence the level of God’s assurance (love and acceptance of us) you feel?

I think that if we do not read our Bible, have our quiet time, go to church, do Bible studies, be in fellowship with other Christians we can forget that God is out there and he loves us. We must surround ourselves with God all the time.

What is one action you can take this week to begin to feel more assured in your faith?

I can stick with my quiet time every day this week. I can make sure I pray.


I’m sure your wondering how I feel that this passage is connected into my earlier post today. Well, I feel kinda like the son that has been away for a bit and God has been sitting there waiting for me to come back to him and he is happy that I am back now.

I feel that he showed me this passage to say that no matter what he will be always looking for me and that he will wait for however long for me and will always welcome me back with open arms no matter how I may feel about it. That he loves me and that is all that matters. That he wants me home, he wants to throw me a huge party, and wants all of heaven to know I am home. I found my way back and that he thrilled for it!

How about you? Will you answer these questions on the comment section? Will you open yourself up and show a side of you that I haven’t seen? I love to read comments!


Sincerely, Paula

5 thoughts on “Life

    1. Carol,

      Thank you for stopping by the blog! It is amazing how God speaks to us. I am finding God speaking to me more and more each day as I submit myself to him. His usual way is through music. I just love listening to music and I just feel Him when a certain song comes on that He wants to talk to me through.


  1. Our sermon last Sunday was on these verses. Pastor Mike talked about the returning son, the son who stayed and also the dad. I sure am like the son who stayed. Great, great sermon.
    I will go thru these questions later and get back to you.


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