Happy 4th of July


Good morning!

I just wanted to come through and wish all my fellow Americans a Happy 4th today! I would like to mention please remember those that have and are serving that have made this country free for us. To give us the rights that we do have these days. If it wasn’t for those men and woman who gave up their lives we would not be the country we are today.

Those men and woman paid this country with a check, one that can never be repaid no matter what. Thank you to those families that had to stand behind them and know that no matter what they loved those members and knew the dangers of that payment.

I leave you with a few things to think about, I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, being that I am a retired military wife myself I see these days a bit different. I want to bring to light our military and the service they bring to all, and how they are forgotten when they are done. How our government just forgets them, and how they are treated after they government is done with them. Also, how people treat our veterans is not good either. I want you all to think, and understand what these men and women actually have done for all the freedoms you get. I better stop my rant now because I could go on for hours!


I have a video that I would like to leave you with. I cannot listen to this video without crying. It means so much to me every time! Actually I will have 2 videos both videos bring me to tears I will do the tamer one first:

This second video is a bit harsh, it shows exactly how some veterans are treated. I cannot watch the video because I am in tears by the end of it. Doesn’t matter how many times I watch it I am in tears. I am not sure if there are swears in this one, the band is known for their swears, if there is I apologize, but I really would like for you to watch it either way:

Please be safe out there today. Please no drinking and driving, drugging and driving! Let’s all be safe today and everyone out there make it home safe! See you all tomorrow!



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