Verse of the Day

Hit like a ton of bricks!


As I started my quiet time this morning these were the verses I was hit with! I needed these verses. With the way I have been feeling these past 2 weeks, it was God talking to me and telling me that He is there all I need to do is seek Him! That He is my stronghold no matter what!

Why is it that when we are going through a time of struggle (at least it is for me) I seem to turn away from God? When I know that I need to turn TO God!?! That is when we need Him the most, yes we need Him when things are going good. But, we really need to run to Him when things are going bad too. He wants us to run to him at all times!

He is our stronghold for the good, the bad, and the ugly. He is the only one that really knows us, that won’t judge us, that will give us the true comfort that we need, when we need it. I know I need to work on this a whole lot more! I need to turn to God no matter what!

What does this verse say to you today?


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