About Me


(I will try and get a better picture of me. It’s an older one and my hair is no longer that color and no longer that style!)


I see you have found my little blog in this big wide world of blogging. I want to welcome you in. I would love for you to sit down, take your favorite drink and get comfy in your favorite chair and relax and delve into this blog.

So, what is this blog about? I’m sure your wondering. Well, in a nutshell it is about me, and me just being me. No facade, no hold bar, giving it how it should be. Just being real about what is going on in my world, in the world.

How did I come about this blog? So, about a month or so ago I was sitting taking a shower and God and I were having a conversation. He had led me to start this blog! I told him I didn’t think I was the right one for this mission. I’m to bold, I’m to in your fact truth. I don’t have a filter when it comes to saying things. I fought God on my starting this blog. You can read about it in the first few posts that I wrote about starting this blog. Under Being Scared Part 1 and Being Scared Part 2.

You will find a little a bit of me here in this blog. God, gardening, crocheting, reading, movies, and reviews. I am being myself, I am allowing God to direct me in what I am writing and saying. Right now God is directing me via a Bible Study and I hope we are able to continue more Bible Studies. I have a few more ideas coming up in my head. That might change around the site a bit.

What I want you to know before you leave this page that is most important to me are these things:

  1. I believe that Jesus died and rose again 3 days later to save the world from sin.
  2. That we need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.
  3. That we MUST accept Jesus into our heart and repent of our sins.
  4. The Bible IS the Word of God, breathed by GOD himself.

I do believe that Jesus is my Lord and Savior and I will be going to heaven one day. I know that there are some days I might not act like it, and others I do. I am human and I cannot be perfect. That is part of being human and trying to strive to be like Jesus.

Through this blog you will see the very human side of me, more often than not. I’m not afraid of that. What I am afraid of is not showing you the Jesus side of me correctly or enough.

I also want you to know this site is for everyone. Is there a topic that you want to talk about? Ask about? Pray about? Read about? Please let me know! I will do the research that is required and we will do so! Please do NOT be shy on here. I might be writing on it but I feel it should be an open invitation to all.

I will share as much with you as I possible can. I feel God wanted me to do this to open myself up and help those that are in need of help. Or need of someone out there that has gone through the same things. So, please let’s all get together and support each other in this endeavor.