Cheerleaders of Faith

This #RaRaLinkup (for both men and women) will help us to:
1. To encourage (and CHEERLEAD!) each other in our calling, in our words and in our passions! (Part 1 on Monday’s)
2. To encourage (and CHEERLEAD!) our readership with our words and truth. (Part II on Tuesday’s)
3. Build a bigger following for our blogs!

Here is how it will work:

1. Part 1: Monday Afternoon & Evening Twitter Party (Optional):

We will tweet all over town and encourage all the bloggers we know.  We will tell them posts we have liked, truth about their writing, uplifting words and verses.  BE SURE TO USE THE HASHTAG: #RaRaLinkup   (As you start this linkup, you may want to link them to this page.)

The Cheerleading is welcome to continue into Tuesday morning too.  Why let the encouragement stop?!
Remember to use: #RaRalinkup
Find me: @kellybalarie

2. Part II: Tuesday morning Link up:

Link up Time!  Come to Tuesday’s post on and link up on of your ENCOURAGING posts.  A post that makes your readership feel that you are cheerleading them on to new heights. A post that makes someone feel refreshed in their faith.  A post that enlightens.  A post that uplifts.

Link up via the inlinkz icon at the bottom of my Tuesday post.  There will be a button to link.  THE LINKUP IS POSTED EVERY TUESDAY.

***Visit the post that was linked up right before yours.  And, visit other blogger’s posts that intrigue you. Retweet and post any posts that really stood out to you.

3. The 4th Tuesday of the Month:

The 4th Tuesday of the month, we will be traveling to my friends blogs (Abby McDonald, Katy McCown, Angela Parlin and Christy Mobley).  These gals are extraordinary cheerleaders and we can’t wait to see you there too!

The best thing about this link up is that we are being lifted – and lifting!

It makes me think about this verse:

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. (Proverbs 11:25)

Let’s go gals! Let’s lift up each other and our Lord! This will be fun! 

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